Jessica Odnoralov

Jess is a vibe and adventure filmmaker and photographer who is ridiculously enthusiastic about exploring new areas, meeting new people, and observantly learning from the pros.

She has been doing wedding videography for the past 3 years now, treats each one like it is her own, and aims to make each experience as enjoyable as she can while capturing the love and commitment couples are about to make. She specializes in storytelling with the camera and brings it to life through filmmaking and photography. It is not just about capturing the details and moments of the event, it is to tell a story and express a feeling. 

She's been pursuing photography for about 6 years now, and has always been known for her candid and fun style. Everyone has always told her that she has an "eye" for these things, and she has embraced that to its full capacity.

She has past experience working with City Scout Magazine, a start up company located in downtown Sacramento, CA, as a mixed media intern and has volunteered for Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, CA as a photographer and videographer for their youth ministry named Fearless Nation.

Even though she currently lives in North California, she believes she is made for bigger and greater things. She hopes and aims to eventually capture multicultural destination weddings and continue growing and improving her editing style and gear. Jess is always ready to travel and capture the stories of missionaries around the world while pursuing God with everything that she has and his purpose for her.

Jessica is not only professional and talented- she’s more. She acts as a therapist if you need someone to listen, gives advice when asked and goes the extra mile to make sure she captures the emotions and the genuine moments of your wedding day. There were a lot of time that I forget she was even there because she was on top of EVERYTHING: Decor, outfits, accessories, venue, etc. if you’re looking for a videographer for your big day look no further.
— Cierra H.
The greatest videographer! She was so sweet and kind. She met up with us plenty of times before the wedding and was always on time! Jessica is very well with communication over email and text. I brag about her to everyone and recommend her to all my engaged friends and family! If I lived across country, I would still book her. She is very reasonably priced. On our wedding day, she came early and left later without any extra charge. Jessica wanted to make sure everything was perfect and she got enough footage. Another last comment, she was happy the WHOLE time! Seriously amazing.
— Christina D.
She met with me once in person to talk about what I was hoping to get out of the experience. She was really unobtrusive on the wedding day. I later looked at some of the shots she got and I hadn’t realized anyone had captured those moments. She had one of the best prices I had seen and for the price we got a video of the ceremony, a video of the toasts, raw footage, a five minute highlight video, and a twenty minute mixed video. I was really blown away with her editing. We did a “first look”and she set up an extra camera to get his face right as he turned to see me. I hadn’t even realized she did that. She was really good at adapting. For example, a guest with an amazing voice sang a song for us as a toast. She ripped that song and had it playing in the mixed video as a background song. What a special touch! She gives you the video with a specially made USB that’s in a special box that you pick out and is engraved with your names and wedding date. I really cannot recommend her enough.
— Alyssa H.
An outstanding job was done. Jessica came early to my wedding site and got all the shots she needed so when we arrived she focused on us. The amazing thing is a barely noticed her around yet she was. She was in her zone and just kept shooting. We received our video a little under a month after our wedding date. Which is crazy fast and when I watched it for the first time it I fell in love with it. It was so incredible of how much she put together for us. It was the perfect amount of us and perfect amount of other parts of the venue. She really got the highlights I needed and was so easy to work with. We received it in the cutest box. I had a blast working with her and will recommend her to all my friends. She is a very talented individual and her work clearly shows it. Hire her you won’t be disappointed.
— Lenna V.